Dog of the Month.

Each month we will feature one of our dogs as "Dog of the Month".
Apollo is our dog for January.


APOLLO is the most handsome of boys! He has the most beautiful, white, velvet coat with exquisite paintbrush markings and black patches over his eyes. He has a super physique but underneath all this he is a big softie. He is very compliant and likes to please. In fact , he is lacking in confidence a bit and,at times, is startled with unexpected loud noises. Iím sure, though, by experiencing new situations, he will overcome this and grow in confidence. He is clean in his kennel, gets on well with his kennelmate, Sarah, as well as the other greyhounds in the kennel. He enjoys his daily exercise and he walks really well on lead . He is an absolute delight and he will bring bucketloads of joy and happiness to his new family.